World LPG Day

7th of June is the World LPG Day. We are glad that the popularity and variety of LPG fuel applications has been recognized internationally.


New version of the Zenit Box software

Please be advised that a new version of the Zenit Blue Box and Zenit Black Box software is available.The program is available in the 'Download' tab.

We present several new products of the Zenit Box program:

- in the window with 'Model' a button has been added that allows you to load / return to the selected model configuration,
- ready-made, dedicated gasoline map configuration,
- when closing the program, it checks the state of the gas injectors and when even one is turned off, it displays a message and asks for confirmation,
- divisor of OBD corrections, it is useful in some Renault group cars where OBD corrections are 2 -3 times higher than normal,
- sound signaling of gas switching (switched on in configuration),
-% gasoline map fill indicator in self-adaptation after times,
- thresholds raised at which the control panel registers the error 'too high temp. reducer'
- new type of injector - Universal + two parameters in 'Injector configuration' (Peak and HOLD),
- Start - stop function, when it is turned on, the central unit during the periods of automatic engine shutdown, stays in gas mode, the solenoid valves are open,
- two new types of gas level sensors '110..0' and 'Sensata' have been added.


Dear customers!

Please be advised that between 01 and 03 May 2019, both the Head Office and the AG Centrum branches will be closed.

We apologize for inconveniences!


New on the list of compatible cars

Check that the following items have been added to the list of developed engines:

- Audi A4 2.0 TFSI 147 kW, BGB engine code

- Ford Focus 2.0 Flex Fuel Duratec HE Ti-VCT 118 kW (from 2012)

- Land Rover Range Rover Evoque 2.0 177 kW, engine code 204PT

- Volvo S60 2.0 177 kW, engine code B4204T7

Check out the full list of already developed engines.