Who we are

We have been manufacturing and supplying complete LPG and CNG installations to vehicles around the world for 20 over years.

If you ever had a car with a gas installation most likely it was our system even though you didn't even know it!

AG Centrum creates the automotive market - we provide knowledge, technical solutions and innovation in our products. Technological development of our products is strictly connected with the automotive market development which makes our offer highly competitive in the market of LPG systems.

Over 25 years of presence in the national and international market with millions completed installations that have been gaining popularity among drivers all over the globe.  We are a Polish company with Italian roots. We have a network of branches and representatives in our country. Our distribution network in more than 50 countries is dynamically growing worldwide.

AG Centrum - member of the coalition

AG Centrum - member of the coalition

Coalition for Autogas - Employers Association

AG Centrum is a founding member of the Coalition for Autogas
- Employers Association. Coalition brings together the largest automotive gas LPG and CNG companies - manufacturers and distributors. As the Employers' Association representing the interests of the industry, Coalition for Autogas - operates in Poland.