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What characterizes the automotive market of LPG & CNG installations?

Installation of  autogas system in a car gives real savings to every driver - it reduces the costs of fuel purchase by up to 50%

The autogas installation market is constantly evolving because drivers see tangible benefits - more money is left in their pocket for other expenses. Will this trend ever change? To know  the answer first, let's answer ourselves, do we want to pay more for fuel, if we know that the car's operating costs can be halved? We do not want. That is why the sale of autogas systems  was, is and will be a solution where one can only gain.

However, you succeed only when you choose reliable  autogas systems  provided by a trustworthy business partner. AG Centrum  is such a partner. We offer installations tested  on roads of more than 50 countries
- Zenit Autogas Systems.

Why is it worth becoming a distributor of Zenit CNG &LPG systems?

Zenit is an international brand appreciated by millions of drivers around the world. As a producer, we have been perfecting it through ongoing development for over 25 years. Our point of reference is a constant development of automotive industry and changing needs of drivers. With that in mind,  we offer our distributors and drivers, technically and technologically advanced controller for autogas systems - Zenit - enjoying ever growing popularity among its users.

Zenit - autogas installation with reliable source of origin

Choosing Zenit – autogas system you get 100%  European product: both in terms of engineering and components which translates into its reliability and longevity. Zenit is also a guarantee of the highest quality confirmed by the international quality certificate ISO 9001: 2015 and approval certificate issued by the Ministry of Infrastructure.

Zenit is a wide range of autogas installations, dedicated to all kinds of cars and engines on the market

Zenit brand incorporates a wide range of systems dedicated for all  types of engines available in the market. Zenit is a solution used for:

- 4, 6, 8 cylinder cars
- direct and indirect gasoline injection
- LPG & CNG power supply.

The full Zenit brand offer can be found in the OUR BRANDS tab.

In our offer, there is a full range of components, necessary to assembly LPG&CNG autogas installation. Despite the Zenit ECU, you will find reducers, injectors, filters, LPG&CNG tanks, electrovaleves, repair kits, angels, emulators, temeprature and pressure sensors, lubryfication fluids, multivalves, LPG&CNG inltes.

Zenit - the only one - tested installation
on the market!

Our installation was the only one tested and positively evaluated by well-known personalities from the world of motorization, including Tomasz Kuchar - rally and rally cross driver, runner-up of Poland in 2007 and 2009 and rally cross Polish champion in 2016 Supercars class. Zenit installation tests are available in the MEDIA tab and on the Zenit Autogas Systems channel on YouTube.

The reputation and international recognition of gas installations in Zenit guarantee stable development of your business

With us, you build a market advantage and outclass your competitors. Working with us, you choose a business model that guarantees independence. We are a reliable and trustworthy business partner, which is confirmed by numerous awards and distinctions PRIZES and AWARDS.

Autogas installation consists of many different components. Electronic control unit is a heart of it. As a worldwide producer we offer not only Zenit ECU, but also other own brands

We are the owner of Hercules and Twister brand. Hercules – perfect gas injectors, which long life is confirmed by our clients – they achive the distance even over 200 000 km! For those, who search for more economic solutions we offer Hercules Blue injectors. More about our LPG& CNG injectores you will find in OUR BRANDS tab.

What kind of support do you receive as a distributor of Zenit installations?

  • Technological know-how of the autogas market for  LPG & CNG systems.Personalised sales and product support by one of  sales managers of Zenit brand offering longstanding professional experience

  • Dedicated technical support by our team of engineers providing ongoing assistance for you with all kinds of technical queries related to automotive industry

  • Constant commercial contact: online, telephone and personal

  • Technical and product training

  • Marketing support - film materials, sales materials, graphics for the website and other ones that suit your individual needs

  • Opportunity to create a network of Expert workshops in your country based on the business model already tested by us

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Within 48 hours we will contact you and provide you with all information needed to start your business with us!

If in your country the autogas installation market already exists – join it and be better than yours comeptitors – thanks to Zenit autogas system.

And if in your country autogas installation market doesn't exist yet – take up your chance and create it using the tested solutions – international brand - Zenit!

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