We shape the future

We shape the future

together with the befriended My Future Foundation!

Together, we care for the professional and mentoring development of local youth. Many motivational business talks are behind us, as well as helping Santa Claus in the difficult year 2020. Our cooperation with the My Future Foundation is an open project. We are convinced that joint substantive initiatives will support the Foundation's charges in the next stages of their careers.

We support strong players

Once again, we became the sponsor of MMA player - Mateusz Głuch, connected with the Radom region. The next fight will take place on 07/03/2020 in front of its own audience during the jubilee TFL - Thunderstrike Fight League gala.

 We keep our fingers crossed!




We have taken Mateusz Głuch under financial wing, who has been associated with the Radom region for years. 28/09/2019 will fight for the TFL MMA championship belt - Thunderstrike Fight League. We support Mateusz!

We have finished ANOTHER SEASON


On the way to the goal, you need determination and faith in achieving it. We support Radom volleyball!

Half-marathon of Radom June

Half-marathon of Radom June

This is the 7th edition of the run with a history in the background!

Radom Half Marathon commemorating June 76 is permanently inscribed in our event calendar. The preparations for the party are the best. This is the seventh edition of this event and of course the Zenit Autogas team could not have been there. We encourage older and younger people to take part in the event and support this initiative!

AG CENTRUM sponsors handballs

AG Center supported the Radom handball team - KS Uniwersytet Radom - during the 2017/2018 season.

We are pleased to announce that we will sponsor the KS UTH team also during the next season 2018/2019.

We wish you many winning meetings!

 AG Centrum supports Złombol

AG Centrum supports Złombol

AG Centrum again supported the participation of the team 'Team Honeker' during this year's 12th edition of the charity event ZŁOMBOL. This time the team traveled over 1700 km covering the Katowice - Chalkidiki route. All collected funds will be donated to help juveniles from orphanages.

More information about the Złombol rally can be found at www.zlombol.pl

AG Centrum is a partner and sponsor of the National Congress of Automotive Experts!

We support Experts!

We are pleased to inform you that once again we have become a partner and sponsor of the National Congress of Automotive Experts, which took place on June 2nd, 2018 in Radom. This year we have cooperated closely with the organizers in order to prepare the competition related to gas installations. We were the sponsor of the main prize in the category 'Engines powered by  alternative fuels: LPG, CNG'.




For the second time we are a sponsor of the BmWra club! This time in 2017 season!

AG Centrum sponsors „XIV St. Nicholas JUDO TOURNAMENT”

We suppor polish youth in achieving sport success

We invite all judo fans on „XIV St. Nicholas JUDO TOURNAMENT”, which will take place in Będzin on 3rd December, 2016. This year's guest of honor will be Paweł Nastula, polish famous winning judo player. Other guests will be: Anna Żemła Krajewska, Waldemar Żukrowski and Zbigniew Mazur. The entrance fee will be transferred for charity.

More datails available on the tournament website.

AG Centrum sponsors volleyball team "Czarni Radom"

We support volleyball

We are pleased to announce that AG Centrum is the sponsor of the volleyball team from Radom „Czarni Radom” in the season 2016/2017. We encourage you to cheer with us.

AG Centrum - a sponsor of the end of the automotive season 2016

We support local initiatives. 

AG Centrum - a sponsor of the end of the automotive season 2016
AG Centrum - a sponsor of BmWra and event

AG Centrum - a sponsor of BmWra and event "MotoWeekend" Pionki

We sponsor PASSION

 AG Centrum has become a sponsor of summer event - Moto Weekend Pionki II edition. 


AG Centrum was the sponsor of II Memorial Zdzislaw Miłkowskiego, which took place on 25-26 June 2016 in Radom.

We support the development of youth sports !

AG Centrum - a sponsor of Half marathon in Radom commemorating June'76

Radom Half Marathon commemorating June'76. We support many sports events with the histological background. To read more about Radom Half marathon 2016 visit on website. 
As a sponsor of the event, we hope that Half Marathon become a permanent fixture in the calendar of Radom events.

AG Centrum - a sponsor of Polish Junior Gliding Team

AG Centrum - a sponsor of Polish Junior Gliding Team

AG Centrum has become a sponsor of Polish Junior Gliding Team in Junior World Gliding Championship in Australia in 2015. Polish team won the silver medal. Their success is our proudest accomplishment.  We would like to congratulate the entire Junior World Gliding Champion team and we wish you continued success. 

AG Centrum - a sponsor of a local event in Kolonka

AG Centrum - a sponsor of a local event in Kolonka

In September 2015 GKS JODŁA celebrated its 66th anniversary. The family event was organized at the stadium in Kolonka in order to feast such an occasion.  This event was held under the patronage of AG Centrum as a sponsor of the club. AG Centrum founded a new scoreboard which brought a victory to GKS JODŁA in the match during the family event.  We wish you many more wins to come! 

AG Centrum - a sponsor of 'Team Honeker' during the event Złombol 2015

AG Centrum was a proud sponsor of 'Team Honeker' which in, green Wartburg raced to Passo dello Stelvio during Złombol 2015. The objective of the expedition was noble - funds collected from the event's sponsors will be used to purchase all the necessary materials for children from Silesian's orphanages .

AG Centrum - a sponsor of Radom Tennis Championship 2015

AG Centrum - a sponsor of Radom Tennis Championship 2015

Radom Tennis Championship 2015 is over. Congratulation to all participants for your drive to win!