AG Centrum locally

From 2009 AG CENTRUM IS A MEMBER of Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Radom

Currently Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Radom is the largest organization of local economic development in the southern region of Mazovia. It unites more than 110 companies, of which 80% are small and medium-sized enterprises. The main goals of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Radom is to protect the economic interests of the associated companies, to represent the economic environment in relation to the administrative authorities and to shape economic policy in the region. Chamber consults and evaluates legal solutions and participates in teams giving opinions on development strategies and other documents relevant to the development of entrepreneurship in the region.

Managing Director of AG Centrum – Katarzyna Russ – since 2016, has been a member of the Board of Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Radom.

From 2012 AG Centrum is a member of the association „Czarni Radom”

As a member of the Association „Czarni Radom” we take care about the development of the local volleyball. We know how important for the team is financial support from local businesses - to succeed you need a talent, but also the means for its implementation. Volleyball „Czarni Radom” team - we wish you success!