Twister 360

Filtering revolution!

Twister – a revolutionary filter, is designed to force the falling gas into a swirling motion as it moves down the filter body. Along the way, thanks to the swirling motion, the centrifugal force and the force of inertia, pull solid and liquid particles away from the gas where they collect and stay at the bottom. The filtering inlet additionally purifies the swirling, upward returning gas flow from minor impurities. The use of the Twister filter in the gas installation system protects gas injectors against oily substances and solid particles. Twister greatly improves the reliability of the whole gas injection system in the vehicle.

Available versions: To identify versions we have following descriptions:

F-1/S – inlet and outlet nozzles are an integral part of the head

F-1/K – the inlet nozzles is an integral part of the head, the outlet nozzle is a swivel elbow on the head

Characteristics and technical data of LPG type F-1 „Twister” filter:

  • Type: F1
  • Working temperature: -20°C ÷ 120°C
  • Working pressure: 120 +/-20 kPa
  • Max. working pressure: 450 kPa (Class 2)
  • Filtering efficiency: 99% for solid particles 1 µm
  • Gas nozzles diameter: Ø 10.6/12 mm
  • Mounting place: engine compartment 

The LPG type F-1 „Twister” filtering unit is a gas phase filtration unit for mounting between reducer and injection rail.