Zenit Direct

Zenit Direct is an innovative vapor phase Sequential injection system, dedicated to 4 cylinder engines with a fuel direct injection. It is the next generation of our classical system Zenit PRO.

Conversion is based on a dedicated compound with the highest quality components (Zenit Direct ECU, reducer, Hercules injectors). Its calibration is limited to the use of dedicated configurations developed at the AG Centrum Research and Development Center.


The system uses a unique strategy that  allows continuous adjustment of the petrol dose at the time of gas fuel operation in the range of 5 to 100%. The injectors are working throughout the engine operating range, the dose of gasoline is so small that it does not affect the economics of running on gas and big enough that it does not shorten the life of the petrol injectors. The electronic control unit is equipped with a default ability to connect to OBDII / EOBD and the fuel pressure emulator.

Along with purchasing the installation customer receives:

  • front-kit contains  basic components such as: electronic control unit and switch, sensors, vaporizer, injectors, filter, the bag assembly (similar as per conventional systems)
  • ECU configuration file  dedicated to a specific engine model
  • manuals dedicated to a specific engine model ( kit assembling, the source of electrical signals, installation of nozzles in the manifold).

See how the Polish Champion in Rallycross in the strongest SuperCars 2017 class - Tomasz Kuchar, tests the installation of LPG - Zenit Direct.