Zenit PRO

Zenit Pro ECU is available in two versions: standard and extended with the OBD function. Zenit Pro is made of the highest quality components, and the hermetic cover meets the highest standards of tightness. The ECU is dedicated to the 4, 6 and 8-cylinders vehicles.

Main advantages of Zenit Pro: 

- Hermetically sealed cover meets IP67 standards
- Hermetic 48-pin joint dedicated to OEM solutions
- The latest generation, Japanese processor with Double Memory technology
- Guaranteed temperature stability.
- ECU is compatible with OBD standards offered in the market
- Raised resistance to changes in car electrical system voltage
- In Zenit Pro there are eliminated electromechanical relays to control electro-valves and in petrol injectors emulator.
- Automatic diagnosis of the OBD standards
- Meets EURO 5 (exhaust fumes emissions) standards 

New Functions:

  • More precise compensation
  • External devices control
  • New algorithm of gas injectors warming
  • Extensive diagnostics 
  • New algorithm of auto-calibration

Zenit Pro software is secured by a special USB key which is widely available for AG Centrum customers.