Semi-trailer trucks consume an average of 30-35l Diesel fuel per 100 km and travel in excess of 100,000 km annually. Concerning those service buyers we have designed a dual fuel supply system for diesel engines - ZENIT DIESEL.

Fleet owners will appreciate the cost savings associated with the use of gas impurities, which are equal to the purchasing of a new semi-trailer truck. Economical driving, more efficient operation, increased comfort.


Why ZENIT Diesel is worth to install?

ZENIT Diesel is an innovative installation designed by experienced technicians. The system is based on the simultaneous feeding of an average of 80% Diesel fuel and 20% GAS - this mixture influences the efficient combustion of Diesel fuel. The addition of gas allows the engine to achieve the almost complete combustion of the diesel


How quickly does the cost of installation of ZENIT Diesel return?

The cost of installation returns after 3-4 months for vehicles traveling in excess of 100,000 km annually - when using a mixture of Diesel fuel + GAS.


For which types of vehicles is the ZENIT Diesel system designed?

ZENIT Diesel is the best solution for trucks, vans, buses, tractors, agricultural machinery, and any other technical vehicles. 


What are the benefits of the ZENIT Diesel installation?

• Significant fuel savings

• Higher torque and engine power

• Quick return on your installation investment

ECU Zenit Diesel system was designed and built by a team of experienced technicians from the AG Centrum company. Compounding GAS injection system for spark ignition engines – Zenit Diesel was based on high-quality components tested in systems of fourth generation such as Tomasetto reducing valves and Hana gas injectors.

ECU includes:

• functions protecting the motor against exceeding the safe operating parameters

• emulators which in a flexible way limit the supply of Diesel fuel to the engine

• ability to use different engine signals in order to determine the correct dose of gas

 ECU Zenit Diesel is designed to work with a supply voltage of 12 V - MK-2012/12/2 - BUS and 24 V - MK-2012/24/2 - TIR.