Hybrid car with LPG

How do you get the most economical car on the market?

All you need is an LPG installation for a hybrid car!

The latest article about the solution of the hybrid + LPG as a way to save money! Calculation of how much you can save, what are the benefits of installing LPG and why Zenit is the best solution. 

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A reliable solution for demanding customers

TAXI level saving: a hybrid with LPG. A fad or a business?

What are the real savings from driving a hybrid car on LPG gas installation? The owner of the TAXI fleet - Soowa Taxi, Adam Sowiński - reveals the financial benefits gained by choosing the Zenit installation for his fleet. In the Soowa Taxi itself, Zenit has already traveled over 1,000,000 km!

What is a hybrid?

It's a combination of 2 engines. Internal combustion engine and electric engine. It is commonly known that hybrid cars are ecological and economical at the same time. Their owners are mindful of protecting the environment, fighting smog. And can the hybrid be even more ECOlogical and ECOnomical?

What are the savings from driving hybrid with gas?

hybryda lpg hybrid gaz gas autogas zenit

A one-time decision to install autogas is an investment that returns very quickly. The average cost of 100 km drive by hybrid Toyota Auris 1,8 powered by gasoline, is an expense of about 5,7 EUR. However, with the gas installation, the  costs are around 2,7 EUR. The difference is twice. On every 1 000 km, savings reach up to 23 EUR. Assuming that the car is used for 5 years and the annual mileage is 20 000 km, Zenit installation saves up to 3 000 EUR. You can’t argue with numbers. You can do a lot with this amount: go on family holidays, renovate the house or make dreams come true. And the satisfaction with environmental protection - invaluable.

(The values ​​vary depending on the fuel consumption and the prices of gasoline and gas.) The prices used in the calculations are 1,25 EUR for 1l of gasoline , 0,5 EUR for 1l of LPG - for prices applicable in Poland).


hybryda lpg hybrid gaz gas autogas zenit

Our experience clearly indicates that in the hybrid, ECOlogical and ECOnomical parameters can be even more satisfactory both for the environment and for the driver himself. Thanks to the LPG & CNG gas installation. We are observing a trend according to which aware drivers more and more often are enriching the hybrid drive with LPG & CNG fuel supply. Car manufacturers are also part of the eco trend and expand the range of car models with the units equipped with hybrid drive. Today, the hybrid is not just Prius which was the first to win the hearts of drivers ...

Which installation for hybrid?

hybryda lpg hybrid gaz gas autogas zenit

Sequential gas installations LPG & CNG are dedicated for the hybrid. The assembly is done in the same way as in the gasoline indirect injection. We have mastered both technology and methods of hybrid conversion to perfection. Sequential gas installation Zenit has been powering hybrids for many years - we are a pioneer in adapting the hybrid drive to work with eco-friendly LPG & CNG gas.


You will get to know it just if you count the real costs of using each of them. Many of us know well, that diesel is not as cheap as it is used to said. What we also know – assembling autogas installation to hybrid car is not a challange. What is more – hybrid engines are constructed in much more simple way than new diesel engines.  

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Hybrid + LPG&CNG

How does it work?

Popular hybrid cars  work perfectly with  LPG&CNG systems, because of their simple design of power drive system. Hybrids with LPG& CNG autogas systems quarantee the cheapest  costs of use, comparing to electric cars. Many drivers still wonder  how a hybrid + LPG or CNG runs and if it is profitable. Analysis made by automotive experts clearly indicate that a hybrid drive combined with  LPG & CNG systems is the perfect solution for drivers. More in the following article:

Hybrid with LPG system - How does it work?


Why do the drivers choose hybrid cars? They are economical and ecological. And why do the hybrid car drivers choose to assembly autogas systems?

Because they know that hybrids might be more ECO and more ECON. We encourage you to raed some articles, which were written thanks to the knowledge of our technical department. More in the following article:

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How to drive cheaper?

It is easy and within reach

Do you know that a hybrid taxi car consumes about 5-5,5 l of petrol for each 100 km but hybrid taxi car consumes not more than 7 l/100 km of LPG? Read more about how to drive in a cheaper way in the following article:

How to drive cheaper? Hybrid cars with LPG installations and cars with CNG installations.

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They are economic in a daily usage, but most of their owners ascertained that they may be even more ecological and economical.

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