Zenit Direct was tested by Tomasz Kuchar

Polish Champion in the Rallycross in the strongest class SuperCars 2017 - Tomasz Kuchar, testing the installation of LPG - Zenit Direct.

Zenit DIRECT and ZENIT PRO tested by "Auto Świat"

We know the quality of our LPG & CNG installation, which is why we are not afraid to pass them on to journalists of large, influential and well-known newspapers or websites. Zenit Pro installed in Nissan Qashqai and Zenit Direct installed in Citroen DS4, - handed to well-known editors of the weekly automotive - "Auto Świat" for testing. Both installations have been positively valuated. The test consisted of city driving, highway driving section and dyno power check Furthermore, Generation IV - Zenit Pro in the Nissan Qashqai - has been tested by the largest and most respected LPG and CNG internet service -

ZENIT BLUE BOX was tested by Kuba Bielak

Our newest sequential installation of premium category – Zenit Blue Box – was evaluated by Kuba Bielak - who is a renowned automotive journalist – Kuba Bielak recommends Zenit Blue Box.