ZENIT Blue Box - LPG modern controller

Electronics design has changed considerably over time.

ZENIT BLUE BOX controller has been created in the spirit of the modern approach to technical design. It’s a Premium category product, closed in minimalist enclosure.

ZENIT BLUE BOX is a modern controller for sequential gaspower supply systems in the volatilephase is dedicated for 4 cylinders engines.



- ZENIT BLUE BOX controller

- wiring 

- MAP sensor  integrated with gas temperature sensor

- switch


ZENIT BLUE BOX electronics is a universal component of the autogas system. After considering the parameters of the engine, its other components are selected.



- gas pressure sensor and MAP sensor integrated with gas-flow temperature sensor

- user friendly software for calibration and system configuration based on Zenit Compact and Zenit Pro systems, which are well known for installers

- extensive diagnostic and many additional functions to facilitate the installation

- new ergonomic switch


Our newest sequential installation of premium category –Zenit Blue Box – was evaluated by Kuba Bielak - who is a renowned automotive journalist – Kuba Bielak recommends Zenit Blue Box.
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