Hercules GISM & BF

Hercules injectors GISM
Hercules injectors BF

Gas injector with a modern design that provides a rapid response to an electrical signal, an accurate gas injection dosage, linear flow characteristic,  very high efficiency and self-cleaning of contamination.

Technical specification:  

  • LPG or CNG fuel
  • AMP connector 282104-1 (Valtek), currently the most common and the most frequently applied solution
  • build-in input gas filter (for injectors mounted on rails)
  • expenditure regulated by screw-in nozzles
  • operating temperature : - 40ºC to +120ºC
  • supply voltage: DC 6V – 18V
  • nominal working pressure 1.2 bar ± 0.1 bar
  • permissible operating pressure: 0.2 – 4.2 bar
  • maximum operating pressure: 4.5 bar
  • current control: Peak&Hold
  • DC resistance: 1.7 ± 0.1 Ω (at 20ºC ± 50ºC)
  • outstanding durability, excellent reliability, high immunity to dirt and tough working conditions
  • available in stripes 3 and 4-cylinder or single
  • approvals 67R-01 and 110R-00

Selected parameters of the injector Hercules GISM:

Parameter  Hercules GISM
Body material Stainless steel
Coil resistance 1,7 Ω
Minimum opening time
(1bar, 12V)
2,5 ms
Closing time
(1bar, 12V)
0,8 ms
Maximum expenditure
(without nozzle)
47 HP/cyl

Injector efficiency:

nozzle 1,9mm
to 20 HP for cylinder
nozzle 2,4mm
from 24 to 36 HP
for cylinder
nozzle 2,1mm from 17 to 27 HP
for cylinder
without nozzle - from 33 to 47 HP
for cylinder
Hercules BF from 40 to 60 HP per cylinder
in some cases, the selection of the nozzles may differ from the values specified ​​in the table


Our offer includes the following versions:
Hercules injectors on cable: GISM-I3110
Hercules injectors on the rail: GISM-I3100
Hercules BF injectors on cable: GISM-I3010
Hercules BF injectors on the rail: GISM-I3000